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Understanding T-Shirt Fabric: A Key to Your Comfort

When it comes to crafting the perfect t-shirt, one fabric reigns supreme: cotton. As a leading T-shirt manufacturer and exporter in Kolkata, ROYS APPAREL understands the importance of quality fabric in creating comfortable, durable, and stylish apparel. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into why cotton is hailed as the king of t-shirt fabrics and why it's the top choice for both plain and printed t-shirts.

When it comes to T-shirt fabrics, cotton reigns supreme. But did you know there are different types of cotton used in shirt production?

  • Combed Cotton: Soft, smooth, and strong, ideal for printing.
  • Organic Cotton: Environmentally friendly and comfortable, grown without harmful chemicals.
  • Pima Cotton: The pinnacle of cotton quality, known for its durability and softness.
  • Slub Cotton: Unique texture, light, airy, and naturally textured.

Pros of Cotton T-Shirts:

  • Natural and renewable resource.
  • Breathable and great for sensitive skin.
  • Extremely soft and comfortable.
  • Doesn't require harsh chemicals.

Cons of Cotton T-Shirts:

  • Higher production cost.
  • Requires more water and land.
  • Higher cost to the consumer.
  • Prone to damage.

Linen: The Cool Breeze of Summer

Linen, derived from the flax plant, offers breathability and lightweight comfort, perfect for summer wear. However, it tends to wrinkle easily.

Polyester: The Athlete's Choice

Polyester, a synthetic fabric, is quick-drying and maintains its shape without stretching, making it a favorite among athletic apparel manufacturers. While durable and cost-effective, it has its drawbacks, including environmental concerns such as water pollution from microfiber release during washing.

Lycra: Stretching the Limits

Lycra, also known as Spandex, is added to T-shirt materials to provide stretchability, commonly found in athletic wear for enhanced movement.

Decoding T-Shirt Labels: Understanding Care Instructions

T-shirt labels not only convey care instructions but also provide valuable information about the materials used in production. Understanding these labels empowers consumers to make informed choices.

Why Choose Cotton T-Shirts?

Cotton is celebrated for its unbeatable combination of comfort, versatility, and breathability. Here's why cotton should be your go-to fabric for all your t-shirt needs:

  • Comfort: Cotton fabric is soft to the touch, making it incredibly comfortable to wear, especially for extended periods. Whether you're lounging at home or out and about, cotton t-shirts offer unparalleled comfort that you'll appreciate all day long.
  • Breathability: One of cotton's standout features is its breathability. Cotton fibers allow air to circulate freely through the fabric, keeping you cool and comfortable even in hot and humid conditions. This breathability makes cotton t-shirts ideal for everyday wear, workouts, and outdoor activities.
  • Durability: T-shirts crafted from high-quality cotton are built to last. Cotton fibers are strong and resilient, making them less prone to wear and tear compared to other fabrics. With proper care, cotton t-shirts maintain their shape, color, and softness wash after wash, ensuring long-lasting wearability.
  • Versatility: Whether you prefer plain or printed t-shirts, cotton serves as the perfect canvas for all your style preferences. Cotton fabric readily accepts various printing techniques, allowing for vibrant and long-lasting designs that showcase your unique style. From classic solid colors to eye-catching graphics, cotton t-shirts offer endless possibilities for customization.

Printing Your Dream Apparel: Explore Our Wide Range of Services

At ROYS APPAREL, we specialize in bringing your dream apparel to life. Our state-of-the-art printing facilities in Kolkata enable us to create custom t-shirts that exceed your expectations. Whether you're looking for plain t-shirts for everyday wear or branded t-shirts to promote your business or event, we've got you covered.

Our printing services include:

  • Screen Printing: Ideal for high-volume orders, screen printing offers vibrant colors and durable prints that stand the test of time.
  • Digital Printing: Perfect for intricate designs and small batch orders, digital printing delivers exceptional detail and color accuracy.
  • Embroidery: Add a touch of sophistication to your t-shirts with our custom embroidery services. From logos to monograms, we can personalize your apparel with precision and style.
  • Heat Transfer: Create eye-catching designs with our heat transfer printing technology, which allows for full-color graphics and seamless integration with the fabric.

Best Quality of T-shirt Fabric

When it comes to selecting the best quality fabrics for T-shirts, Roy's Apparel, a leading T-shirt Manufacturer & Exporter in Kolkata, offers a diverse range to suit every preference and need.

  • Slub Cotton: Characterized by slight lumps in the fabric, slub cotton creates lightweight T-shirts that don't cling to the body. This unique fabric, available at Roy's Apparel, offers both comfort and style.
  • Linen: Derived from the flax plant, linen is renowned for its breathability and lightweight properties, making it ideal for summer wear. Despite its tendency to wrinkle easily, linen T-shirts from Roy's Apparel ensure both comfort and elegance.
  • Polyester: Quick-drying and easy to care for, polyester T-shirts are a staple in any wardrobe. At Roy's Apparel, we offer premium polyester T-shirts that maintain their shape and durability over time.
  • Rayon: Commonly used in athletic wear, rayon offers a silky and breathable fabric that is extremely absorbent. Our rayon T-shirts at Roy's Apparel provide both comfort and performance for your active lifestyle.
  • Lycra (Spandex): Known for its stretchability, Lycra, or Spandex, is a popular choice for athletic T-shirts. At Roy's Apparel, we incorporate Lycra into our T-shirts to provide flexibility and ease of movement.
  • Modal: Made from beech wood plant fibers, Modal is exceptionally soft and breathable, perfect for summer wear. Our Modal T-shirts at Roy's Apparel offer superior comfort and durability, with shrink-resistant and pill-resistant qualities.
  • Poly/Cotton Blends: Combining the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester, poly/cotton blends are a favorite for T-shirts. At Roy's Apparel, we offer high-quality poly/cotton blend T-shirts that maintain their shape and breathability wash after wash.
  • Tri-Blend Fabrics: Incorporating cotton, polyester, and spandex, tri-blend fabrics offer lightweight and soft T-shirts with enhanced flexibility. At Roy's Apparel, our tri-blend T-shirts provide superior comfort and style, making them a premium choice for your wardrobe.

Experience the ultimate in quality and comfort with T-shirts from Roy's Apparel. Whether you're looking for lightweight breathability, stretchability for athletic wear, or durability for everyday wear, we have the perfect fabric for you.

Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing: Elevate Your Brand with ROYS APPAREL

Stand out from the crowd with custom t-shirts tailored to your brand's unique identity. Whether you're a startup, small business, or established brand, ROYS APPAREL offers comprehensive custom t-shirt manufacturing services to help you make a lasting impression.

Our process includes:

  • Design Consultation: Collaborate with our experienced design team to bring your vision to life. From concept to execution, we'll work closely with you to ensure your custom t-shirts exceed your expectations.
  • Fabric Selection: Choose from a wide range of premium cotton fabrics to achieve the perfect look and feel for your custom t-shirts. We offer various weights, textures, and finishes to suit your preferences.
  • Printing and Embellishment: Utilize our cutting-edge printing and embellishment techniques to create custom t-shirts that reflect your brand's personality and style. Whether you prefer screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, or heat transfer, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.
  • Quality Assurance: Rest assured that your custom t-shirts will meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our team conducts rigorous quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and precision.

Choose ROYS APPAREL for Your T-Shirt Needs: Trusted, Reliable, and Quality-Centric

When it comes to finding the perfect t-shirt, look no further than ROYS APPAREL, your reliable partner in apparel manufacturing and exporting. Whether you're in search of plain t-shirts, printed t-shirts, branded t-shirts, or custom apparel, we offer a wide range of options to suit your style and preferences.

With our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and on-time delivery, we've established ourselves as a leading t-shirt manufacturer and exporter in Kolkata. Experience the difference of cotton—the king of t-shirt fabrics—with ROYS APPAREL today!


Cotton stands out as the ultimate choice for crafting comfortable, durable, and stylish t-shirts. As a leading manufacturer and exporter in Kolkata, ROYS APPAREL is proud to offer a wide selection of cotton t-shirts that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Choosing the right fabric for your T-shirt is crucial for both comfort and sustainability. Whether it's the softness of cotton, the breathability of linen, or the flexibility of polyester, each fabric has its unique characteristics to cater to different needs and preferences. By understanding these materials, you can make a better-informed decision when selecting your dream apparel. And when you're ready to make your choice, consider the offerings from T-shirt Manufacturer & Exporter in Kolkata, Plain T-Shirt Manufacturer in Kolkata, printed t-shirts Manufacturer in Kolkata, Branded T-Shirt Manufacturer in Kolkata, Custom T-Shirt Manufacturer in Kolkata, and Bulk T-Shirt Supplier in Kolkata for quality options tailored to your preferences.